What is the difference between a Human Resources Manager and a Human Resources Specialist?

The human resource manager should be more competent

The human resource manager should be able to do all or most of the activities that the professionals around him or her do, but it is not certain whether the professionals have the competencies and skills to do what their manager can do.

Assuming that all people in one department have the same responsibilities and activities, senior management must still communicate with one of them. A two-way connection will be needed.

The organization has needs and passes them on to Human Resources.

Human resources, on the basis of organizational needs, defines their needs and transmits them to the senior management and often need approval.

Human resources should be actively involved in building the company’s mission, vision, and plans.

The Human Resources Manager executes plans

The Human Resources Manager must then also create his plan and strategy and follow it.

The implementation of organizational and HR plans must be monitored and followed properly.

When an organization begins to accept new people, they will need an introduction and direction.

At one point, people start having problems and conflicts. Someone has to solve them.

Someone has to make clear decisions and implement them.

Someone has to represent the employees and protect their interests and meet their needs.

If you, as a member of the HR department, spend hours training and touring new colleagues in your office and recruiting people (browsing the Resumes all day, making phone calls or conducting job interviews), you don’t have time to take care of your organization and your people.

There will be no plans for the future and the implementation of your plans at the moment.

There will be conflicts somewhere in the departments, but you will not know about them. In time, people will leave without knowing the reason.

You will also not know what to change in the organization to reduce problems and leaving people.

Your directors will become Human resource managers and Human resource directors, and they may have completely different backgrounds and may not even have the desire and skills to do so.

Therefore, it is advisable for a medium or large company to have a sufficient number of specialists, each with specific topics, activities and responsibilities, but also have a manager (or even more than one) to think about all the topics described, and even more so.

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