Newly appointed certified project manager in a new project

When a new certified project manager joins a new project in a new organization, he/she must review all current processes and ways of working.

The certified project manager must know in detail all standard project management practices. In this way, the professional will be able to decide which processes to eliminate or what new practices to include in the work. Reference: “The certified project manager is meeting with his director for the first time“,

In this article, we present the ideas of a certified project manager who would apply to a new small software company.

The practices of a newly appointed certified project manager in a new project

As a newly appointed certified project manager, I would first like to get acquainted with the way of working in the company, its culture, the heads of the departments, and who exactly does what and what responsibilities it has. In general, I should not try to change the way the whole company works from the first working day. Reference: “I am already a certified project manager with a diploma“,

With the assignment of the new task, a good approach would be to get acquainted with the previous projects that the company has worked on and provided for this client.

It will be good if this approach and doing business with the other company does not change, or if it will change, it should be smooth and understandable on both sides, with the lowest possible differences and changes.

With the new boss, I would discuss some practices that are used in project management and would facilitate the work of some people and teams, but not outline and require all kinds of positions and documents that will bring confusion and turmoil among all employees of the company.

First, you need to know what the budget is and whether there is one that hires new people to monitor certain processes or the purchase and use of different tools or platforms for work. Read more project management tips…

In a small company and the work environment, when it is only in one branch, determining the scope and charter of the project, as well as monitoring the risks, costs, changes, achieving Milestones will be much easier and the time spent on these things will be less.

With this in mind, all these topics and documents can be saved in the first place, but in one form or another, they will be monitored.

The first meeting

At the start of work and before assigning tasks to departments and employees, it would be good to start with a Team meeting, which should become a weekly practice between the Project Manager and Team department leaders to determine how the work is going, whether everything is going according to plan, are there any problems or delays, etc. Reference: “Project Management Club of Master Universities”

Also at this first meeting, the daily communication plan and project requirements will be determined. But above all, let’s not forget that we need to determine what is the relationship between the new boss and the other teams in the company:

In what form it is preferable to communicate
What expectations should we have
Establish certain rules and official actions
Define and clarify the role of each in the project room

The appointment of a new Project Manager, when such a role has not existed in a company so far, can be quite a shock for the departments and their employees.

In such cases, the opposite effect can even be achieved – the Project Manager is more harmful than helping the work of the assigned project/task.

Here it would be very helpful during the team meeting itself, for the project manager to show a little more diverse qualities, skills, and competencies from the followed “proven practices” and what has been learned so far.

I need to be able to inspire other managers and employees to know that they can count on me and that I am not there to command and say who needs to do what and how to get the job done. Reference: Project Management articles @ Customer Service US

Rather, I need to know how to inspire these people and do all the tasks themselves properly and on time so that we can deliver the final product/project to the client on time.

When assigning tasks, awareness of the environment in which we find ourselves must be aware of whether the information transmitted has been accepted by the other party and, if not, that this message is rewritten, change direction and find the right communication that may we all be on the same page.

I would say that the above are competencies and skills that I do not have, because I have never had the opportunity to apply or practice them, and they would be quite useful, both in this environment and project and in all others.

Creation of a Project Charter

To successfully complete the project, the creation of a Project Charter will be helpful, including the following:

Background – We describe the final idea, what problems will be solved and what facilities will be available for users. In this case, it will be a centralized platform that manages all applications, rewards, users, application content, and ad content and ad formats.

Providing greater transparency between all parties and when we know what needs to be done and what the final product should look like, then we already know that we have a starting point and an ultimate goal, which facilitates the work.

Goals – We will define the goals of the project and what problems will be solved and what will be the facilities for users – This way we will know if we are moving in the right direction when we work on the tasks of the project.

Milestones – these can be – 1. creating the idea of ​​the final product and what it will look like; 2. creation of the platform; 3. Selection of inclusive applications and their content; 4. Determining the way of maintaining the platform; 5. Tests, etc.

Defining Milestones will give us a good idea of ​​whether we are going according to plan with the project or lagging. Workflow control will go more smoothly when it is known that one main task has been completed and another can be started.

Scope – We will determine the work that needs to be done to deliver a product that meets the functionalities and characteristics set by the customer

Project Budget – Enter the final budget we have until the end of the project

Project costs – We describe all project costs, periodic and one-time.

Using the Project cost table and keeping track of all our costs and resources, we will know if we are still within the original budget for our project or if we need to take timely action in less favorable situations, such as reaching the project budget, and we are done. work only half.

Assumptions, Risk, and Dependencies – We describe any obstacles or factors that may affect the implementation of the project, possible risks, and their management.

With the already defined Project Charter, we can go a little deeper and create some additional project management plans such as:

Plan for changes in the project – it will be consistent with the tradition and capacity of the company and if a change is required, we will know how to proceed and will not disrupt our work with the client.

Cost Management Plan – this way we will be able to monitor and measure project costs in real-time and so even the smallest deviation will be noticeable and we will know exactly what to do in the shortest possible time and save more potential losses.

Risk Management Plan – If we have such a detailed plan in advance, we will know in which category it falls, what impact can be expected, what losses we can have and we will also know directly who to turn to succeed. solve it or reduce its negative impact on our project.

We can also add a job breakdown (WBS) and a simplified Gantt Chart to track all things about the project, such as progress, change status, task status, milestones, employees and assigned tasks, etc.

Thus, the monitoring and control of the project become more visible and easy, and there are no scattered documents or assigned tasks that can be neglected.

Adding a report on the final stage of the project would allow us to monitor the work, whether it is going according to plan, monitor whether something will go wrong, or any problems or missing links during each of the work processes.

We can even keep an eye out for any gaps in some of the tasks, which will allow us to work on them in an upgrading direction.

As a recommendation, I would tell each of the people in charge to keep notes (daily diary) of the work done, and this can be a method that has helped to complete a task faster and easier or deal with a problem.

Keeping notes and keeping information that is constructive for projects would always be helpful to others and even to the employee who left the notes for future projects.


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In conclusion, I would say that in the end the work will be done according to the traditions of the company and its client, and the above will be included among other officials and employees, but will not be a mandatory practice.

And since the company is still small and the project we are working on has a smaller capacity, I would personally document everything described above (as far as possible) and over time and the process of work, I would be assessed and presented it to the directors the plans and documentation that I used to bring the project to success.

Once this documentation and way of working has been proven and has facilitated the successful completion of the project, it could be step by step implemented among the teams and the work can be done with more ease and visibility to other countries/departments or partner companies.

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