How to become a certified project manager

How to become a certified project manager

Many professionals today want to get a project management certificate. The profession of the project manager is becoming more and more popular with each passing year. And certification programs are becoming more accessible to the audience.

Here’s what Samantha Gibbs shared when we asked her why she wants to become a certified project manager. Reference: The new Certified Project Manager in the company, by Liam James,

The reason why I chose to fight for project management certification is that I would like to supplement my knowledge acquired in the field. I have been planning to go through this training for some time, but only now am I given a real opportunity to do so. I hope that my course for project management certification will strengthen and expand my expertise, which in turn will make me a good professional in the field. It is no coincidence that I chose the BVOP Certified Project Manager program because it is a real modern Agile methodology. Reference:

The certified project manager in a dynamic environment

I believe that the dynamics of the position of IT project manager is what attracts me from the very beginning because it fully corresponds to my temperament, value system, and the qualities I possess. Qualities such as organizational skills, communication skills, teamwork, being the main motivator and engine of the project, taking moral, budgetary, and time responding to the client to achieve a goal, with a certain level of quality, practically build this dynamic. Reference: The new certified project manager of the project, 2020,

On the other hand, in the dynamics of this complex ecosystem, specific to each project, I have identified two behavioral phenomena that have a very negative effect on the manager as a person and on which I believe that additional skills must be constantly developed in order not to come to a possible ‘burn out’. These are:

The lack of boundaries between personal and professional life

As here, I would like to support this statement with a quote from the book ‘Leaders always have lunch last’ by Simon Sinek, who describes the circle of project managers very well in my opinion:
‘Leaders are the ones who throw themselves headlong into the unknown. They put their interests in the background to push us into the future. They would rather sacrifice theirs to save ours.
And they would never sacrifice ours to save their own. They are ready to give up time, energy, money, and even their food. That’s why leaders always choose to have lunch last. ‘

I observe this trend among colleagues in our organization who hold similar leadership functions, but finding a solution is not obvious, I would say that it is quite complex. Below I have listed three skills that I strive to apply and that help me fight this problem. Reference: Certified project manager shares about his career, by Anton Radev,

The ability to prioritize tasks for the day

The ability to escalate a problem to a higher level to give publicity and make an adequate decision

The ability to delegate tasks to other team members, to be flexible (agile)

But doesn’t prolonged personal neglect ultimately lead to the so-called burn out sooner or later? It is no coincidence that I mentioned this phenomenon above because I realize that it is increasingly the result of untimely measures.

In addition to the rational search for solutions, should we not think about solutions of a physical or spiritual nature that will help us get rid of the accumulated negative emotions or adrenaline from our daily lives?

I think the answer is a resounding yes. Meditation, for example, is a tool that helps us turn to this repressed inner self. It helps us control our breathing, and hence our emotions, it helps us reduce stress and free and clear our minds from daily vicissitudes. Practicing meditation is highly recommended, especially for more emotional and self-critical people like me, so as not to cross this boundary of the soul called ‘burn out’.

Finally, I would like to return to my words at the beginning that after mastering all the topics of the certification course in project management, I will be happy to be able to expand my knowledge in the field, which will help me find the most the good solution to the identified current problems I am struggling with by giving me a new and different perspective on my work.

Common mistakes of the Certified Project Manager

Allow me to share the common mistakes I see in already certified project management professionals.

In recent years, I have observed many certified project managers at work to find out what are the most common mistakes made by managers. My observations reveal that, even in the current regime of teleworking, many of these behaviors continue to harass employees. These are the five managerial mistakes that affect employees the worst. Reference: The need for a certified project manager – 2020 –

Micromanagement. Number one in the rankings should come as no surprise to anyone. Managers who always try to dominate people, processes, and decisions and manage through fear do not win anyone’s sympathy. Micromanagement destroys the motivation and creativity of workers. The certified project manager should avoid this. Even more so in Agile teams.

After the COVID-19 pandemic virtually erased the line between work and personal life, forcing people to work from home, the traditional 9 to 5 schedule no longer matters. Now is the time for managers to give more flexibility to their employees and allow them to choose their working hours. However, this creates a problem with job synchronization and can ultimately impair team productivity. Some professional certified project managers wisely share that this problem can be solved not with micromanagement, but with macro-management.

Focus on your main goals and appreciate each employee’s contribution to achieving them, instead of wasting time with the little things of everyday life. As long as the key results are achieved, I am not interested in the way to get there.

The certified project manager must not be arrogant

The arrogance of some certified project managers is the root cause of many conflicts and disputes. When project managers put themselves on a pedestal as a source of boundless wisdom and knowledge and use their position to impose their views and ideas, they break the team spirit and demotivate their subordinates. Reference: Certified project manager for their training – 2020 –

We are all subject to some degree of selfishness, but when we cross boundaries and focus too much on ourselves, we begin to ignore other people’s views and understandings, which leads to bad decisions.

Listening to the teams

Listening has become a lost art. The lack of active listening and two-way communication is an obvious shortcoming that I find in many managers. Perhaps this is due to the high turnover and the pursuit of deadlines that do not allow them to slow down and listen to what is happening around them. However, this makes them miss important signals, on which both their performance and that of their team (and sometimes their entire career development) depend. This is why the first rule of the BVOP Certified Project Manager is to listen to their team members Reference: Review of the BVOP Certified Project Manager program, by Samantha Rhine, 2020,

Project managers who listen to others and take action as a result of the feedback show that they care about their employees. They give the example that when a member of their team comes to them with any complaints or concerns, they will be heard, taken seriously, and addressed appropriately.

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The certification project manager accepts team members as people

One mistake that certified project managers often make is treating their employees like robots. They see them as gears in a machine that can be easily replaced, instead of being treated as equal business partners on whom their overall success depends.

Lack of trust in the project manager. This is another mistake. Because first-line employees are the ones who know customers best and know exactly how things work, they are the people from whom managers should seek the most up-to-date information. In many cases, however, managers do not give the necessary trust to their employees and try to do everything themselves, thinking that only they can handle a particular task. Good managers seek advice, ideas, and strategies from their subordinates because they trust them. This builds a culture of mutual respect in which employees feel confident enough to ask questions and share concerns with their supervisors.

Ultimately, however, we must not forget that managers are also people and make mistakes. This does not mean that they should be demonized. Most have good intentions and are willing to change their habits as long as they are explained where they are wrong.

2 thoughts on “How to become a certified project manager”

  1. Leading me in my work for ambition and perseverance in achieving the goals that underpin success.
    I have completed projects in the field of developing new innovative products, graphic design, and mobile applications, and the experience in them will be extremely useful to me.
    My good communication with the units I have is a must and is the basis of the success of any project.
    The experience I have gained so far in the projects I manage gives me confidence that the documentation accompanying each project will be described in detail and carefully, which will guarantee proper project planning and management without unnecessary risks on our part (Project Charter, Project plan, Quality management plan, Communication plan, Change management plan, Communications plan, Change management plan, Human resources plan, Cost management plan, Risk management plan, Scope, Budget, etc.).
    Understanding and researching the details – are the basis for quickly finding solutions and overcoming risks
    I will insist on full commitment and good communication on the project, which will lead to quick decisions, and employees will feel your support, which will lead to their full motivation.

  2. To begin with, I would like to introduce myself with a brief overview of what my education is, what professional experience I have in different companies, with what hierarchy I have worked with colleagues in different positions. And in general, what is my experience with people in different environments.
    I would emphasize my positive qualities such as the fact that I am an open and calm person, I am communicative, responsive, I am a team player and I value this as well as good communication. I would also share the fact that I close the distance quickly and keep the communication not under pressure in our hierarchy, like for example, we respect the hierarchy as such of course, this is important, but that I am the PM and the colleague is a programmer and QA and are it is important for my direct reports to be able and have the freedom to talk with me and discuss the issues on the same level or make the decisions about it on the same page.
    I like to listen to what colleagues comment and what their opinions and concerns are, what would lead to improvement or the opposite to things of a purely negative nature.
    I will suggest that the communication takes place mainly in an email with specific questions in order to have traceability and feedback, as well as for the group participants to be aware of what is being discussed in a given topic, and to organize a meeting of each team on the different projects for about an hour every week to share opinions, impressions and make a final decision commented on by email communication, as long as of course it can wait and is not a high priority. High priority issues will be discussed in a group chat with the participants and possibly an immediate decision meeting.
    Work report channels I provide as a Jira suggestion for task tracking and status.
    If there is too much frequency of these gatherings, and there is a positive result from them, we will come up with another option for meetings and discussions so that it is not interrupted and the tasks and work are not delayed… i.e. with success in the beginning, we can dilute this scheme with once every two weeks the organization.

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